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Our History

Newly Weds Foods (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Newly Weds Foods (Beijing) co., Ltd. was founded in 1997. Newly Weds Foods (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is wholly owned by Newly Weds Foods, Inc., a U.S. based global food ingredient company. Newly Weds Foods is dedicated to food ingredient technology, manufacturing and sales, providing customized support in all aspects of product development. Newly Weds Foods(Beijing) co., Ltd. considering that the growing importance of the Asia/Pacific market for high quality food ingredients. Newly Weds Foods has a complete processing plant located near Beijing and culinary centre in Shanghai. They work in close cooperation with other Newly Weds comprehensive manufacturing and R&D facilities in the Asia/Pacifica region to serve local and international customers.


A Marriage Made In Heaven

In 1932, Paul M. Angell developed a new batter technology that allowed sheet cake to be rolled without cracking. He then combined it with sweet vanilla ice cream and the first ice cream cake roll was introduced to the world. Described as the perfect marriage of ice cream and cake, this cool new dessert became the inspiration for the company???s name. For the next 20 years, this was the mainstay of Newly Weds Foods, but it set the stage for future product innovations.


Emerging Markets In Frozen Food Technology

Newly Weds Foods recognized the potential of the frozen food industry in the early 1950s and broke new ground in manufacturing capabilities. We pioneered bakery-based technology that could withstand the rigors of freeze-thaw and longer distribution cycles in batters and breadings. Partnering with major food manufacturers allowed us to lead the industry as we became the top producer of customized food coatings in the United States???a position we proudly hold today.


Exploring Global Innovations

During the 1970s through the 90s and into the new millennium, Newly Weds Foods forged ahead into international flavors with remarkable success. In 1977, we introduced Japanese-style bread crumb(Panko) technology to the U.S. This crumb???s unique ???slivered??? appearance and crispy, yet tender bite quickly made it the go-to breading of culinary professionals as well as the preferred breading for home chefs.


Expanding Into The International Marketplace

As part of our overall strategic plan, we began to extend geographically, establishing a well-recognized presence across the globe. Today, you???ll find us in the United Kingdom, covering the European continent as well as in the Asia-Pacific region with manufacturing facilities in Australia, Thailand and the Philippines. We???ve also partnered with a joint venture in Israel covering Middle East markets, the opening of a Beijing, China production plant and the acquisition of three plants in Canada.


Explosive Domestic Growth Continues

At the same time, we expanded our production capacity, geographical coverage and capabilities to better serve our customers within the U.S. Four new batter and breading plants were strategically built in Watertown, MA, Springdale, AR, Cleveland, TN, and Mt.Pleasant, TX to ensure faster, more streamlined distribution points. We also recognized the importance of seasonings in our product mix and began an aggressive acquisition of companies specializing in formulated seasonings capabilities. We fortified our leadership position in the industry by purchasing more than a half dozen seasoning companies.


The World Is Our Palate

As we look to the future, Newly Weds Foods continues to inspire new tastes across the globe with innovative people, finest quality ingredients and the latest in product development technology. In 2014, we are pleased to launch KitchencountersTM, the global culinary connection to key taste centers around the world, including Thailand, Australia, China, the UKand Europe as well as the U.S. In addition to featuring the latest culinary trends, our exclusive KitchencountersTM program will allow customers to conductreal-time discussions with leading chefs throughout the world.


In our world, the possibilities are endless. Look to Newly Weds Foods to partner with you inintroducing your own dynamic new products to the marketplace. Contact ourculinary professionals at Newly Weds Foods today. We???re confident you???ll share our passion for inspiring new tastes and opportunities!


Follow Our Historic Growth And Acquisitions As A Taste Innovator Across The Globe

??        1930s 

1932----America???s first specialty dessert, the Newly Weds Ice Cream Cake Roll debuts in Chicago.

??        1950s 

1955----Our first formulated batters and breading systems are born for the then-emerging frozen food industry. Newly Weds Foods had become the largest producer of customized food coatings in the U.S., a position we continue to hold to this day.

1958----Our first English Muffins roll off the line.

??        1970s 

1977----Newly Weds introduces America to Japanese Style BreadCrumb.

1979----We inaugurate our European network by launching our first project in the United Kingdom.

??        1980s  

1982----Cheers! Newly Weds celebrates 50 flavorful years.

1983----We extend our global presence to the Pacific Rim by establishing a beachhead in Australia.

1988----Newly Weds enters the formulated seasonings business with the acquisition of SpiceCraft.

1989----Newly Weds first harvest of capsicum crop is produced.

??        1990s 

1995----We broaden our reach in the Middle East by joining forces with an affiliate in Tel Aviv.

1998----We beef up our seasonings, functional ingredients and packaging capabilities by acquiring Toronto based UFL Foods.

??        2000s 

2000----Acquired Memphis-based Flavorite Laboratories to enhance our formulated seasonings expertise and resources.

2002----Acquired Dirigo Spice in Boston, MA to further solidify our leadership in the seasonings market.

              Acquired RHM Ingredients, a signature supplier of batters, breadings and seasonings in the UK.

2003----Acquired Heller Seasonings and Ingredients in Chicago togain additional formulated seasonings expertise in meats and snack foods.

2004----Established the IsoStat Products Group to oversee development and sales of our food safety and functional ingredient portfolio.The company includes herb and spice extracts with antioxidant properties, antimicrobials,shelf-life extension products, phosphates and natural options.

2005----Opened our new Beijing, China plant, which expanded our production capabilities to include seasonings, batters and Japanese Style Bread Crumbs.

2006----Expanded our seasoning facility in Horn Lake, MS toinclude batter/breading manufacturing, American Style Bread Crumbs and sheeted breaders, High Speed Liquids line with bulk and retail packaging facilities.

2007----Opened our Mt Pleasant, Texas facility, which became our 15th manufacturing plant in North America, producing Japanese Style BreadCrumbs, sheeted breadings and batters.

              Our Modesto, CA seasoning plant became a National Organic Certified Facility and joined our Toronto, Canadafacility as an organic plant.

              Completed the meat pilot plantin our Toronto facility which complements the meat pilot plant in Horn Lake, MS and batter/breading pilot plant in Chicago, IL.

2008----Acquired Australian-based Heimann Foodmaker Group, which enhanced our Asia-Pacific capabilities in manufactured meat products and expanded our product range to include cures, brines, flavor boosters and sausage pre-mixes.

2009----Acquired Quality Ingredients Pty Ltd, a leading seasoning manufacturer in Australia which further expanded our Asia Pacific capabilities.

??        2010s 

2014----Launched Kitchencounters the global, multi-media culinary connection to key taste centers around the world in Thailand, UK, China, US,Australia, and Europe.

2018----Acquired Mullins Food Products, a liquids company in Broadview, Illinois in January and Jigsaw Foods, a liquids company in Shirebrook, UK in June.