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We???ve Earned The Right Stuff

With a host of U.S. and global certifications, Newly Weds Foods stands uniquely qualified to meet all of your formulating needs.


Leading The Pack In Food Coatings

Our comprehensive coating portfolio is at the forefront in premium quality batter, breading, rub and glaze systems. We develop custom formulations to make your signature products stand out from the competition in flavor, texture and appearance.


Excellence In Formulated Seasonings

With flavor expertise in established and emerging cuisines, we have taken the art and science of seasonings to a new level. From entr??es to sauces to snacks, our culinary and technical capabilities are designed to enhance your success.


We Bring The Heat

We???re experts in the science of capsicums because we grow and process our own red peppers, chili peppers, chili powders,paprika, jalapenos and chipotle peppers. When you need precise flavor, heat and color, we???re driven to fulfill your exact requirements.


Cutting Edge Manufacturing

A commitment to continuous technological enhancements has allowed us to maintain our leadership role across the globe. From Japanese-style breading to Supercritical Fluid Extraction processes to food safety innovations, we provide highest quality ingredients. Plus, our 17 strategically located North American plants are highly automated to ensure optimum formulations for all products.