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Quality & Food Safety

We Safeguard Quality

At Newly Weds Foods, quality and food safety is top priority. We have strict procedures in place to ensure the delivery of the highest quality, safest, and wholesome products possible. We monitor every step of the process from supplier to customer.


We strongly believe in continually improving, and that goal is reflected in our quality systems which include Food Safety, HACCP, and Supplier Approval Programs. All Newly Weds Foods manufacturing facilities are GFSI Certified. In addition, each facility undergoes a Corporate Quality Audit which focuses on the review of receiving,storage and shipping programs, food safety programs, manufacturing process systems, finished product testing, good manufacturing practices and quality system documentation.


Our Supply Chain Management programs extend quality and food safety expectations globally to our suppliers around the world. Each supplier receives a Newly Weds Foods Expectations Manual which clearly explains our supplier evaluation programs. Newly Weds Foods also conducts domestic and international supplier audits to ensure ongoing quality and food safety ingredient compliance. When a supplier doesn???t meet our strict standards we address the issue or find a new supplier who can. This constant checking provides you with the highest quality product possible and provides a level of product safety that is second to none.