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Creativity Excites the Palate

Our skilled culinary team has its pulse on the latest food trends throughout the world. It is connected via KitchencountersTM, our new culinary digital network. Experienced in working with top chefs throughout the world, our culinary team taps into the newest tastes,flavors and textures to create a truly unique food experience. Our chefs use quality ingredients as well as the best spices, herbs, peppers and other key components from all over the world to create customized and truly unique seasoning systems.


We???re Really Cooking for You

Our culinary team understands the art of flavor balance and can leverage the entire playing field of taste, texture and appearance in creating unique solutions. They work to capture the authenticity and subtlety of genuine flavors and tastes to meet specific product needs.Working alongside our customers, our culinary team turns new product ideas into mouth-watering prototypes in our Culinary Centers.

Our fully-equipped Culinary Centers are strategically located around the globe to best serve you. They are available for you to work alone for inspiration or with our inspired culinary team.


Shanghai Culinary Centre 

Address???15th floor Building D, Han Bridge Culture Science and Tech Park, No. 445  Yanzhan Road, Caohejing, Songjiang,  Shanghai