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Health & Wellness

A Healthy Helping

Our first goal at Newly Weds Foods revolves around inspiring new tastes. But we know we have a responsibility to provide our customers with products that support the healthier eating trends.To meet the increasing demand for better-for-you products, Newly Weds Foods has developed many food coating and other quality ingredient systems that promote lighter eating and healthier lifestyles, while continuing to deliver great taste.


Good and Good For You

Our healthy solutions range from the elimination of trans-fats, to bakeable, gluten-free, lower-fat and whole grain coating systems to reduced sodium and sugar formulations. Through our formulating knowledge, we are able to help our customers create more health-oriented finished products without forcing consumers to compromise on delicious taste.


We continue to work diligently developing clean-label and pantry-friendly solutions, and are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers who are responding to the demands of the consumer marketplace.