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Research & Development

Teamwork that Works

A vital part of bringing innovative product ideas to market takes place in Research & Development. Newly Weds Foods has one of the largest and most experienced R&D and culinary teams in the industry to handle your needs from concept to completion. Our team, consisting of a wide range of scientific disciplines, will partner with you at every step of development to make your new products a success.


Compliance Reliance

Our 21 fully staffed and equipped R&D laboratories throughout the world allow us to have a global presence, yet be locally focused. We???re able to help you meet specific regulatory, compliance and labeling requirements in major global markets.



We have a group of dedicated technical service specialists who are available to work with you at your facilities to address any production issues, and we offer technical support to help you with setup and line runs on your machinery.


Get Faster Test Results

We have the capabilities to handle small batch and test runs at our Pilot Plants, which allows us to replicate resultsof large production runs without taking valuable line time. This way, we can address any needed adjustments to product or process prior to large-scale manufacturing, saving time and money.