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We Have a Taste for Success

At Newly Weds Foods, our culinary and technical personnel are experts in developing and incorporating flavors into winning formulations. We create customized solutions that deliver the tastes consumers are expecting for every food application. We bring the best sources of quality spices from all over the world, so you can be assured you???re getting the most palate-pleasing flavor and taste from Newly Weds Foods.


Flavors Customers Savor

Our flavor solutions are designed to improve flavor release, flavor retention and deliver culinary balance. These flavor solutions are easy to use and can reduce the need for higher cost/flavor delivery systems. Whether you require a sweet or savory seasoning blend, a food coating or any other type of flavor profile, you can rely on Newly Weds Foods. We have the expertise and flavor capability to enhance the overall eating experience.

Newly Weds Foods does not publish any kind of product catalog because we are a custom supplier of food coating and seasoning systems. There are no ???off the shelf??? products. We develop ingredient systems to meet the specific needs of our customer and the specific project we are working on.