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Seasoning Systems

What are seasoning systems ?

Seasonings combine functional technology with attractive sensory properties for great taste and superior products. It is easy to think of seasoning systems as just adding flavor and appearance, but in our coating systems, seasonings must also protest your product, improve its processing and handling characteristics and do all this in a cost-effective way.

We offer a wide range of seasoning blends that can be used alone or combination, to give unique and value-added characteristics to set your product apart in an increasingly competitive market place.

Product Range

Marinades: An aqueous solution of functional and flavoring ingredients that can be applied to meat, poultry, vegetables and seafood. Among its advantages, margination improves tenderness, juiciness and flavor retention while extending cook tolerance, shelf life and yield.

Glazes: Applied to the surface of products, glazes provide enhanced visual impact, as well as deliver and sealing in targeted flavor. They also help retain moisture, stabilize color and prevent freezer burn.

Rubs: Similar to glazes, rubs are added in a dry form by massaging into the surface of the meat product.

Sauces: Supplied in a dry or a liquid form, sauces add visual appeal flavor and convenience.

Binders,Extenders and Matrices: Specially formulated product designed for functionally improving the sensory and handling characteristics of formed products. They also act as carriers for flavorings.

Where is the Added Value ?

Flavoring and seasoning systems add the distinctive and memorable characteristics that your customers are looking for. In addition, they enhance functional performance by maximizing your manufacturing yield and extending your product???s quality stability.


Seasoning systems are available in 25kg multi-wall paper bags with a food grade polyethylene liner.