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Batter & Breading Systems

What is a Batter & Breading System ?

Batters are the common and vital component of all successful coating system. Proper selection and application of batters influence the flavor, appearance, eating characteristics, performance and cost effectiveness of your final product.

Breadings combine crumb technology with flours and functional ingredients to create unlimited product coating possibilities.

Product range

Tempura Batters: "Crispy Light" and "Puffy Textured" batters give a delicate coating for seafood and high value products.

Fish Batters: Traditional and characterizing batters that gives a variety of textures, colors and appearances. Can also be applied with other types of substrates.

Adhesion Batters: Specially formulated to bind an outer coating such as breading to the irregular or slick surface of a substrate.

Karaage: Traditional Japanese coatings that need an understanding and sensitivity of diverse flavors and eating qualities.

Fried Batters: As corn dog and Hush Puppy, it is a coating system with unique flavor and bite.

Breaders: Customized blends of flours, crumbs and seasoning to create truly special coatings with optimal flavor texture and appearance while mitigating the inherent problems of oil degradation, excess oil filtration and scorching.

Crackermeals: cost effective coatings that are economical and simple to use. Often used as a predust, binder and extender because of absorptive and adhesive properties, crackermeal resists breakdown and flows freely, so it machines easily. While they don???t exhibit significant color when fried, they do offer long tolerance to frying.

Other Value Added Products

Pre-dusts and Milk-Washes: They are important precursors to batter coating to further enhance the successful application of coatings.

Ovenable Systems: Specially formulated batters that allow oven reconstitution of precooked and battered products.

Where is the Added Value ?

Batter system created the visual component, flavor and eating characteristics that set your product apart. They add the vital performance characteristics in machine and hand processing to maximize yield and pick-up control. This gives your product the resilience to withstand the demands of processing and throughout the distribution chain.


Batters and Breaders are available in 25kg multi-wall paper bags with a food grade polyethylene liner.