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Japanese Bread Crumb

What is Japanese Bread Crumb (JBC)?

Combining well-chosen wheat flours with an innovative baking technology, JBC has a delicate crispy texture and a slivered shape that boasts an eating quality unmatched by traditional breadcrumbs. You customers will see and taste the difference !

In addition to the hundreds of varieties we already make, we can customize any style of crumb to meet your individual needs.

Product Range

Variety of Colors: White, orange, yellow and gold utilizing either natural or artificial colors.

Variety of Textures: From "light and crispy" to "harder and crunchier".

Variety of Sizes: Fine crumbs of 1-2 mm up to coarse crumbs of 10-12 mm.

Crumb Blends: combination of crumbs with herbs and spices or other dried ingredients.

Toasted Crumbs: Adds color and highlights to the end product.

Product Applications

Seafood: Fish fillets, shrimp, squid, scallops, surimi and crab claws.

Poultry: Formed and whole muscle portions, "bone-in"chicken, nuggets and wings.

Red Meats: Patties and steaks and all formed or whole muscle products.

Vegetables/fruits/non-meat products: such as onions, mushrooms and cheese.

Where is the Added Value ?

JBC???s special attributes not only make your product looking unique by enhancing appearance but their unique porous structure means they stay crisper longer, so the hold up better under heat lamps. JBC improves crispness, add "first bit" crunchiness and increased frying-tolerance. In addition to adding color and texture highlights JBC can improve yield and extend shelf-life.


JBC is available in 10kg multi-wall paper bags with a food grade polyethylene liner.